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Lately I’ve had a few strange coincidences take place. And while most of them don’t “mean” anything immediately apparent, I think that even a random, seemingly meaningless aligning of events can serve a purpose, even if only to remind me that everything is falling into place whether I agree or not. And so, I shall now detail these events for the entertainment of anyone who finds such things as fascinating as I do.

1. There’s a website where people add funny captions to pictures of pets, and I visit it a couple times a week because it really does crack me up sometimes. Animals are cute, and people are funny, so sue me. Anyway, the submission below  was hilarious to me, but at the same time I had a quick thought of  “I never thought of yogurt as something a dog would like”. The next day, I saw a commercial I had never seen before, for a special yogurt made just for dogs.

2. I was sitting at the pharmacy waiting for a prescription, and was reading a Time magazine article about Tom Hanks. There was nobody around, as I had arrived at a slow time of day for them. About halfway through the article, a woman walked up to the counter and said “Picking up two for Hanks, please”.

3. I was playing Trivial Pursuit with my family…yeah, we play it…and one of the questions was about Skylab, the United States’ first space station. During a moment of down time in the game, I picked a card from the middle of the deck just to see what questions were on it. The first question my eye fell on was another question about Skylab. The odds of this seemed pretty slim to me.

4. The same day of the Trivial Pursuit game, my mother had been telling me about a guy she used to know named Pat Riley. One of my questions was to name a certain basketball coach…and since Pat Riley was the only basketball coach I could think of, I guessed him and said “yeah Ma, you were just talking about him, haha…” (it’s not the same guy). A short while later, a different sports question asked how many championships Pat Riley had won with the LA Lakers.

5. Driving along one day recently, I was flipping the radio stations. “Wild World” by Cat Stevens was just starting, a song I love and proceeded to crank up. The first car to pass me in the opposite direction after finding the song had a license plate that said “CAT 15”.

6. At work, I was talking to a co-worker who is also a very close friend…we were wondering about the history of the building our office is in and what year it was built, but we couldn’t find it on the website we were looking on. We eventually said screw it, and moved on to something else…

Fast forward approximately one hour, and a local police officer stops by to say hello to us. We work for the state, and sometimes have to interact with the police, so it’s not uncommon for them to stop by and say hello once in awhile. However, this particular officer, we had never seen before. He proceeded to tell us that he used to work there from 1976-81, and chatterboxed away about the history of the building. He told us it was built during WWII, and the pine trees surrounding it were planted by Yale University in the 60’s to test how different pines reacted to that particular soil…and that a man by the name of Garfield had once run the building for years, and there’s a legend about “Garfield’s Ghost” roaming the building.

Now that was especially interesting to me, since during an overnight shift I had very clearly seen a shadowed figure in the second floor window looking down at me in the parking lot, in a lucid/out of body type experience.

So not only did this cop show up to answer our questions about the building…literally, he just pulled into the parking lot and started talking, we didn’t ask the guy a thing…but I got a very cool lead on a ghost experience I’d had there a year before.

All of the above coincidences have happened within the last month. But probably the strangest coincidence to happen to me took place a little over a year ago. And so I save the best for last.

7. For some time, I had/have been basically obsessed with King Philip’s War, a conflict that took place in New England before America was even America. The story of this war had been heavily on my mind, since I live and drive on some very specific battlegrounds every day. I feel the energy of this conflict very strongly at times.

One day, I was driving along a main street, at about 15 mph since traffic was a bit congested. A UPS truck on the side of the road took it upon himself to pull out into oncoming traffic…that being me. The impact sheared off my passenger side front panel, destroyed my tire, crushed the A/C components, and the g-force sent my rear-view mirror flying off the windshield and into the back seat. Needless to say, I was sore for a few days.

a violent manifestation

The coincidence comes in the following….(or IS IT a coincidence?). When I filled out the official accident report, the name and address of the UPS driver were already filled in. This driver lives on…are you ready…King Philip’s Road. Making this even stranger is the fact that it’s in a city 20 miles away, and that a few weeks before, I had been in that city and driven past King Philip’s Road. At the time, I thought to myself “Hmm, let’s take his land, kill his people, and then name a street after him…”

So to sum up that particular incident…I had been feeling very mentally, emotionally, and spiritually impacted by the history of this violent war…again, living and driving on its battlegrounds my entire life. And then one day, a very violent and physical manifestation of this war literally impacted me.

I’ve always believed that our thoughts can and do create our physical reality, but after that one, I am 100% convinced of it.


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